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Available: Mon - Fri 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 9:30pm; Sat 5pm to 10pm; Sun 3pm to 9pm
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Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, roasted peppers & balsamic vinaigrette.
Funghi Portabella
Grilled mushrooms marinated in a garlic, balsamic & virgin olive oil.
Vongole Oreganata
Baked Clams topped with seasoned bread crumbs in a white wine sauce.
Zuppa Di Cozze a Piacere
Prince Edward mussels, garlic, and a choice of tomato or white wine sauce.
Thin slices of raw beef, arugula, shaved parmesan cheese & champagne vinaigrette.
Shrimp Toscano
Grilled shrimp, cannellini beans, tomatoes, onions, toasted baguette, balsamic & olive oil.
Calamari Fritti
Fried calamari with a choice of mild, medium, or hot tomato sauce.
Zuppa del Giorno
Soup of the day. Call 201-833-1897 for daily selection & post choice in Special Instructions Field.
Bruschetta Pomodoro
Toasted bread, diced tomatoes, onions, balsamic & virgin olive oil.

Insalata Mista
Mixed lettuce with tomatoes & onions with a house vinaigrette.
Insalata Amarone
Mixed baby greens with walnuts & a house vinaigrette.
Insalata Caesar
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, homemade croutons & caesar dressing.
Insalata Arugula
Arugula, shaved parmesan cheese, red onions & a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Insalata Goat Cheese
Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, lemon, and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Served on a baguette
Amarone's Cheeseburger
Black Angus beef , mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spicy chipotle mayo & homemade French fries.
Italian Chicken & Bacon Sandwich
Turkey bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise & homemade French fries.
Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwich
Sliced fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil pesto dressing & homemade sweet potato fries. *CONTAINS NUTS*
Prosciutto di Parma & Mozzarella Sandwich
Sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, virgin olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette.
Vegan Sandwich
Eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, roasted peppers, homemade vegan garlic mayonnaise & hummus. Served with homemade sweet potato fries
Spicy Vegan Chickpea Sandwich
Chickpea spread mixed with spinach, tomatoes & homemade vegan jalapeno mayonnaise*, served with sweet potato fries *Contains celery red onions, salt, black peepers & jalapeno.
Amarone's Steak Sandwich
Roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms, au jus & homemade French fries.

Served with soup of the day or mista salad w/ house dressing
Fettucine Amarone
In a traditional bolognese meat sauce.
Ravioli Aragosta
Lobster ravioli in a champagne cream sauce.
Linguini Con Arugula
Flat long pasta, arugula,fresh mozzarella cheese ,in a spicy garlic tomato sauce.
Pappardelle Con Funghi
Homemade fresh pasta, light mixed mushroom sauce.
Fettuccine Bianca Neve
Flat pasta, walnuts, prosciutto, fresh cream & parmesan cheese.
Penne Con Carciofi
Penne pasta, artichoke hearts, gaeta olives, and fresh tomato sauce.
Rigatoni al Telefono
Fresh diced eggplant, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & basil.
Gamberi al Arrabiatta
Shrimp, spicy tomato sauce & garlic over capellini pasta.
Capellini Calamari
Angel hair pasta with calamari, basic, garlic & spicy tomato sauce.
Linguini Integrali Colorati
Whole wheat linguini, assorted seasonal vegetables, roasted garlic & olive oil.
Lasagna Bolognese
Homemade meat lasagna, ricotta cheese, garlic, basil & tomato sauce.
Gnocchi al Pomodoro
Homemade potato dumplings, garlic, basil & fresh tomato sauce.
Linguini al Vongole
Fresh whole little neck clams with choice of white wine or red tomato sauce
Penne Mozart
Penne pasta, shallots, sweet peas, basil & pink vodka sauce.
Farfalle Al Salmone
Bow tie pasta, pieces of salmon, fresh cream, garlic, and tomato sauce.

Secondi Piatti
Served with soup of the day or mista salad w/ house dressing
Pollo Fantasia
Breast of chicken, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes & mushrooms in a brandy sauce.
Pollo Margherita
Breast of chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese, garlic, basil & fresh tomato sauce.
Pollo al Limone
Breast of chicken, artichoke hearts, capers, lemon & white wine sauce.
Vitello al Tre Funghi
Veal scaloppine, mixed mushrooms & marsala wine sauce.
Vitello al Sette Colli
Veal scaloppine, artichokes, mushrooms, bell peppers, basil & white wine sauce.
Vitello al Pizzaiola
Veal scaloppine, roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms & tomato sauce.
Salmone Grigliato
Grilled filet of salmon, sweet peas & brandy cream sauce.
San Pietro al Mario
Filet of tilapia, mushrooms, sweet peas, fresh herbs & white wine sauce.
Gamberi Bianco
Shrimp, butter, lemon, fresh herbs & white wine sauce.

Pellegrino (1 Liter) $6.00
Panna (1 Liter) $6.00

Chocolate Mousse Cake $7.95
Chocolate Lava Cake $7.95
Apple Crumb $7.95
Canoli $7.95
Tartufo Ice Cream $7.95
Lemencello Gelato $7.95
Tiramisu $7.95
Vanilla Ice Cream $7.95
Chocolate Ice Cream $7.95
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